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2 PHASES - 2018, 2019


PHASE 01: Design and produce a minimalist nativity trio using natural materials as a gift for my mother

PHASE 02: Design and produce a full nativity set to include 10 pieces, find or make a safe finish, and sell them for the holiday season

Concept Development

Phase 1 - Trio

Phase 1 Reflection

  • Once I had established a style for the nativity through 2D sketches I roughed out a few 3D models, quickly from scrap wood, this helped me to further establish the stylized figures and appropriate scale 

  • The final pieces designed in phase 1 were well received and throughout the process of making and gifting them a further interest in if they were for sale was expressed, prompting me to continue on with this project and develop a product I could try selling

  • Moving forward into phase 2 I hoped to build out the initial three figures into a whole set and to find a natural finish that would be safe around children 

  • I aimed for this second phase to take place in time for the upcoming holiday season in order for them to be purchased as gifts as well as for personal use

Phase 2 - Full Set

Homemade Beeswax Finish

Final Product 

Reflection + Next Steps

  • For phase II not only did I develop the design out into a full set, but I also worked with a local beekeeper to get leftover wax from harvesting the honey in order to make my own natural finish

  • I learned when rendering beeswax down it is best to use supplies that you are willing to only use for wax from now on because it is hard to get 100% clean again between the wax and honey residue

  • Working with mentors helped me through the process of pricing my own work for the first time, a skill that I have continued working on through other personal projects

  • If I were to revisit this project I would look into what processes could be utilized to streamline the act of finishing the figurines, specifically the sanding stage

  • I would also love to take a look at the branding of this project, or current lack thereof, and working on developing an online presence to sell them rather than just through word of mouth

  • Finally, designing packaging would be a good addition to this project moving forward

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