About JoHanna.  
Rain and a Rainbow  


I use design as a way of exploring the world, getting to the root of a problem with an emphasis on empathy. My designs, exhibit a quality of whimsey, lightness, and optimism. I want to work on projects that have a focus on sustainability and advocacy for marginalized communities. Much of my work involves looking at a serious problem and then striving to find a empathy-focused appropriate solution. Rain and a rainbow.

I design products, services, and sometimes systems to be used by individuals or groups. Much of the allure of Industrial Design personally is that it is so versatile. There are a seemingly endless number of directions to explore, from designing physical products such as outdoor gear and soft goods to designing spaces and systems. I adore exploring new topics and learning new skills to add to my design process. 


In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, cooking, gardening, and working on personal projects for friends and family.

Other Interests


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Financial Literacy

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Eco Travel

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Set Design

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LGBT+ Issues

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Baking + Cooking

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Exploring the PNW

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Alternative Living

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Ocean Conservation

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Accessability in Design

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- Scuba Diving

Wood Working




Sending Postcards

- Cooking

- Sewing


Musicals + Set Design

- Financial Literacy 

LGBTQ+ Issues 

- Hiking

- Exploring the PNW

- Gardening

- Animals

- Travel

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