About JoHanna.  

Designer & Rainbow Chaser. 


Welcome to my little corner of the world! Or the internet I suppose.​

I accidentally fell into and in love with design in high school. A mentor pulled me aside and explained that the design class I loved so much was in fact a career path. I didn't realize that what I had intuitively been doing my whole life, from handmade gifts to helping my father in the woodshop was considered design. 

I design products, services, and sometimes systems to be used by individuals or groups. But as with most occupations, such a simple definition will hardly suffice. Much of the allure of Industrial Design is that it is so all-encompassing. There are a seemingly endless number of directions that I could go from designing physical products like outdoor gear to designing spaces and systems people use both online and in person. My designs, regardless of the project scope, exhibit a quality of whimsey, lightness, and optimism.

I use design as a way of exploring the world and getting to the root of a problem with an emphasis on empathy.

Other Interests


Gardening + Food Security

Gen Z Financial Literacy

Sustainable Travel


Theatre and Set Design

Sending Mail

Scuba Diving

LGBT+ Issues

Baking + Cooking

Hiking + Exploring the PNW

Alternative Living

Ocean Conservation

Accessability in Design



- Scuba Diving

Wood Working




Sending Postcards

- Cooking

- Sewing


Musicals + Set Design

- Financial Literacy 

LGBTQ+ Issues 

- Hiking

- Exploring the PNW

- Gardening

- Animals

- Travel

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